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November Gatherings News

Just some news, dates and info on our gatherings through November 2021. For more details or to BOOK A SPACE please do contact us edenpeople@edenpeople.org.uk or text 07866247919. As we transition into a new season here in the UK we journey through personal transition too, join Eden People on that journey. NOVEMBER LOOKS LIKE THIS: […]

SpiritSpace Online Gathering Sunday 4th April

On the first Sundays of each month, SpiritSpace will open up for meditative and creative “main room” events as well as individual spiritual encounters in “breakout rooms,” as we did for the Virtual Burning Man 2020. Anyone is welcome to join at any point within our hours of operation. Take a look at the SpiritSpace […]

Cyber Blessing PDF #5

Here is our latest Cyber / Online Blessing PDF for people to use or ultilse at this time.  Feel free to pass it on to anyone who needs it. Follow this link for the PDF downlaod: https://edenpeople.org.uk/wp-content/uploads/2020/05/Eden-People-Online-Blessing-5-PDF.pdf Thanks for all the positive feedback regarding the Word For Life Card activity.  Intuitive, healing and encouraging words […]