Spirit of Eden People

The Eden Tent

Welcome to Eden People. Created in 1998, based in Guildford Surrey; we are a not-for-profit community group interested in community and personal Wellbeing – Physical, Emotional and Spiritual. We have a Christ-centred non-religious spirituality; holistic in lifestyle & activity with the creative, spirituality and the environment being very important to us.

We hope that wherever you made a connection with Eden People you would have encountered something of our ethos and heartbeat.

Aims:  Encourage people towards a life of wellbeing through spirituality, creativity and therapies; meeting people where they are at geographically or events; No or low cost opportunities to discover and engage in wellbeing activities.
What we offer FREE of charge to people at events /gatherings:  Massage treatments / card readings (not tarot) healing (physical & emotional) words of encouragement, hope, insight & peace, listening space, creative space, creative, tactile reflective sites, meditation activities, art installations.  All offered from a Christ-centred, non-religious spirituality.

Open to: We are able to engage with people with any belief/faith (or none), any ethnicity, age, gender and sexual orientation. We communicate non-judgment, love, hope and life to bring positive response, personal transformation and openness to new perspectives on health, wellbeing, spirituality and creativity

Participants of: Guilfest 1999 – 2012 / Always the Sun Festival 2016 / London MBS / Glastonbury 1999 – 2007 / Big Green Gathering / Ambient Picnic / Green Picnic / Surrey Soup / Happy Cafe / Spirit of Life Coventry & Manchester / Kingston Green Fair / Pride London / various local community fairs / community wellbeing therapy sessions.  Creators of our own gatherings in Pubs/bars/cafes / community & faith centres