You’ll find Eden People at all sorts of festivals, gatherings and pubs, read on for news of past and future activities. For more pictures from the events, head over to our gallery.

Our Second Online Blessing Document

We have created our second online blessing package for you. the PDF document is HERE

In this document you’ll find: A Grounding exercise, a simple meditation: palms up – palms down and some positive postures for you to work with.

Feel free to use and share as required. Do keep in touch with us via email: / twitter @edenpeople / FaceBook: Eden People / Instagram: eden_people_1

Drop us a line to say how you got on with using what we posted. Graceandpeace to you.

Online Blessing For You

Eden People want to support your wellbeing in body, mind & spirit as we journey through these days. We have created a session containing grounding, breathing and body blessing actions for you to use as and when required. Here is the PDF document

Our inbox is accessible for connection: just drop us an email to

We are on FaceBook: Eden People Instragram: eden_people_1 and follow us on twitter @edenpeople

Speaking wellness & blessing over, in and around you, with more online elements to follow. Graceandpeace and safetyandwellness to you.

The Days We are In

We hope you gain strength and encouragement through this post. We are in interesting and uncharted times and we would like to share the following with you.
Currently, We Eden People have to put your health and wellbeing first and it’s with a heavy heart that we have to say for the foreseeable future we will NOT host any more Body Blessing & Positive Postures Sessions for a while.

So what shall we do?  We will think of some creative ways to support us through this time.  We are thinking of emailing you some of the meditations we have used, a blessing or one of our Eden People reflective sites that you could use at home. These will either be emailed or through the following:

Web: Twitter: @edenpeople FaceBook: Eden People Instagram: eden_people_1

Our inbox is open for any requests to speak blessing/healing/health/life over you or people you know.

In short you are not alone in this current time and we sense that Divine Creator is with us too through people and through the Creators Spirit.  If you know that people are scared, anxious or fearful of these times then connect them in to us to receive something beneficial to them at this time.

Circle Me Activity:Something we have undertaken with Body Blessing groups recently is the Circle Me Creator blessing.  Use this as you feel led; you could create a circle (out of string / cord/ lights or a hoola hoop!) to stand or sit in as you say this

Circle Me Divine Creator

Keep comfort near and discouragement afar.

Circle Me Divine Creator

Keep peace within and turmoil out.

Circle Me Divine Creator

Keep protection near and danger afar.

Circle Me Divine Creator

Keep healing within and pain released

Circle Me Divine Creator

Keep hope within, keep despair without.

Circle Me Divine Creator

Keep light near and darkness afar.

Circle Me Divine Creator

Keep peace within and anxiety without.

February Body Blessing & Positive Postures Sessions

The venue is all booked and ready for you to be part of February’s Body Blessing & Positive Postures Sessions from Eden People. The sessions are growing in popularity and we have a capacity of 14 for each one – HERE is a flyer with info – email us for more if required. Dates are: Thursdays 13th & Tuesday 25th February.

Don’t miss out book a space, email: / or text 07866247919 – and if you want to invite anyone else please do and let us know.

If you really need a boost, encouragement, healing or peace let this be the place for you – last session someone did say it was their monthly ‘oasis’ of calm!

Details for you: Thursday 13th & Tuesday 25th February. Start time: 8pm Finish 9pm (arrive around 7.50pm) Cost FREE or Donation.

We’d love to see you there once again (or for the first time) and hope that you’ll enjoy all the benefits that a BB & PP session brings to you. If you are in need of encouragement, empowerment, building up yourself, identity or esteem or just need an hour of focus for yourself

Setting The Space just for you

As ever please BOOK A SPACE – email Cost is FREE or a donation of your choice Venue in Stoughton Guildford Plenty of FREE parking. Bring a bottle of water, no mat required as the floor is carpeted and wear loose or sports clothing. Wishing you wellness

Spirit Space Fair 25/1/20

Spirit Space Fair is our first event of 2020; its our own Mind Body Spirit Fair created with you in mind! A New Year Revolution for body, Mind & spirit: shake off the old and get in to the new

Venue: St Nicolas Church Community Room, (Opposite the White House Pub) Millmead, Guildford Surrey GU2
Open: 10.30am until 5pm
Entrance: Donation OR Free – you decide!
Save the planet: car share or come by train or bus, as the venue is 5-10min from both!
On offer from Eden People: Hugs, Smiles, Healing, Blessing, Insight & Destiny art & readings, Dream Interpretation, Massage, Refreshment and space to ‘be’ cafe.