SpiritSpace Online Gathering Sunday 4th April

On the first Sundays of each month, SpiritSpace will open up for meditative and creative “main room” events as well as individual spiritual encounters in “breakout rooms,” as we did for the Virtual Burning Man 2020. Anyone is welcome to join at any point within our hours of operation. Take a look at the SpiritSpace site – https://www.inspiritspace.net/experience – for our offerings such as: Insight & destiny, Ruach card readings, creative meditations, inner & transformational healing.

Our Focus for Sunday 4th April is: Keys

Theme for this FREE offering on SUNDAY 4th April 8-10PM is:
Keys – Release, access, responsibility, security, trust, value, authority, leadership, empowerment…Literally, symbolically and metaphorically keys are part of all our lives and we depend on them to make things work, to get us where we want to go and make decisions that affect the future.

But there’s more. Each of us holds a key to something, regardless of our circumstances and how we feel about ourselves, for it’s about who we are. Just as a key is unique, everyone of us brings to this world things no one else can. Born to discover who we are and our purpose on the earth, we realise we must be true to ourselves, looking for keys to unlock our true potential.

As spiritual people made by a spiritual Creator we are connected to the one who holds the key to life in this realm and the next. We have access to the Spirit of Truth who unlocks the mysteries of heaven, and as we embrace our true identity discover a different way to live…

To access the event or for more info please use LINK TREE: https://linktr.ee/inspiritspace 12-2 PM (PT) / 3-5 PM (ET) / 8-10 PM (UK time)
Meeting ID: 858 7135 1093
Passcode: 983813 https://www.facebook.com/events/784051159056480/