November Gatherings News

Just some news, dates and info on our gatherings through November 2021. For more details or to BOOK A SPACE please do contact us or text 07866247919. As we transition into a new season here in the UK we journey through personal transition too, join Eden People on that journey.


SpiritSpace Online Gathering: Theme Rising Tide Sunday 7th November 8-10pm FREE to join at any time.

Here’s the link EXPERIENCE | SpiritSpace ( then click take me to SpiritSpace NOW. There is a list of encounter offerings below the link. Join for some or all as we explore the theme and also have breakout rooms for healing, Destiny Words, Insight and much more.

BODY BLESSING & POSITIVE POSTURES / LIFE PEACE MEDITATION SESSIONS held in Guildford (Stoughton Area) please contact us to BOOK a space as group size is limited. Cost: Free or Donation + Free parking

  • Body Blessing & Positive Postures Session,  Date & Time: Monday 8th November 10am – 11am  
  • Body Blessing & Positive Postures Session,  Date & Time: Wed 10th November 7.45pm – 8.45pm  
  • Led Life Peace Meditation Time,  Date & Time: Monday 22nd November 10am – 11am  
  • Led Life Peace Meditation Time,  Date & Time: Wed 24th November 7.45pm – 8.45pm   

Brief info: Body Blessing: Speaking positive affirmations / blessing over the physical, emotional and spiritual body / body positive and affirming who we are as we are. Our body use/uniqueness (head to toe) Positive Postures: stances / actions / positions  that connect with thoughts or situations we are in or have at that moment. Life Peace Meditations: A mix of tactile reflections, guided thoughts and visual stimulus to enable wellbeing in body, mind & spirit