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GOOD NEWS: Funding Received

We have received a community grant from Guildford Borough Council for our Body Blessing & Positive Postures Sessions. We are very pleased to receive this grant so we can continue to provide these excellent sessions in the borough for local people. We aim to provide more sessions for people to encourage: wellbeing, positive body image, […]

Cyber Blessing #6

We are happy to create and give to you this PDF document to help support your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health during these times. Feel free to use yourself and/or pass on to others who would find it helpful. Find the PDF document HERE MORE NEWS: We are preparing to get Body Blessing & […]

Cyber Blessing PDF #5

Here is our latest Cyber / Online Blessing PDF for people to use or ultilse at this time.  Feel free to pass it on to anyone who needs it. Follow this link for the PDF downlaod: Thanks for all the positive feedback regarding the Word For Life Card activity.  Intuitive, healing and encouraging words […]

Word for Life: The Reveal

Thanks to all who go back in touch with us regarding the Word of Life Cards. There were some words which connected powerfully with peoples’ heart/mind/spiritSo as promised here is the card reveal picture…which number did you pick? If you chose a word and it did resonate with where you are at or how you […]

Word For Life

Something different for you. Word For Life is something we have used in various settings or events and people have been amazed at the encouragement / insight or blessing given by Eden staff when thy have chosen a card at random. Here’s what to do; look at the picture of the cards below. Are you […]

Cyber Blessings #4

Please find our 4th Cyber Blessing PDF document here for your use. Don’t forget our Dream Station Dream Interpretation Service, flyer below for you or email us

Dream Station & Word for Life

Eden People are here for you! We have our Dream Station – Dream Interpretation service active. A flyer for this is HERE Feel free to contact us this site or email: to share a dream or find out more. Also coming soon is Word for Life…an interactive activity for you to engage with us […]

#3 Online Blessing

Find our third online blessing here for your #wellbeing #wellness # mentalhealth # meditation #spiritualyou. Do please contact us via this site if you’d like some insight, healing, blessing, encouragement or spiritual uplift. Don’t forget that Dream Station – Dream Interpretation – is available, info flyer is HERE: