SpiritSpace Online Gathering

On the first Sundays of each month, SpiritSpace will open up for meditative and creative “main room” events as well as individual spiritual encounters in “breakout rooms,” as we did for the Virtual Burning Man 2020. Anyone is welcome to join at any point within our hours of operation. Take a look at the SpiritSpace site – https://www.inspiritspace.net/experience – for our offerings such as: Insight & destiny, Ruach card readings, creative meditations, inner & transformational healing.

Our Focus this month of February is:

Immersive Love, Expansive Life, Fire and Light

Light illuminates and reveals, fire warms and refines, both are powerful symbolic images of the Spirit of Love in which we seek to walk, work and live.

We’ll be reflecting on the symbolism of Fire and Light inspired by the festival of Imbloc – a time of purification and a celebration of the coming light, warmth and the expectancy of new life contained both within the earth and the Spirit realm.

We invite you to join us, and immerse yourself in meditative experiences and Spiritual encounters and be enveloped in the love and warmth of the Spirit as we explore our theme this month.

For a list of our offerings, visit https://www.inspiritspace.net/experience.

12-2 PM (PT) / 3-5 PM (ET) / 8-10 PM (UK time)
Meeting ID: 858 7135 1093
Passcode: 983813