Word For Life

Something different for you. Word For Life is something we have used in various settings or events and people have been amazed at the encouragement / insight or blessing given by Eden staff when thy have chosen a card at random.

Here’s what to do; look at the picture of the cards below. Are you drawn to a particular number (1 – 8)? If so, feel free to drop us a line (saying what number you have chosen) via this website or directly to edenpeople@edenpeopole.org.uk

Word for Life

Once you have contacted us we will email you the ‘reveal’ picture of the cards so you can see what word you chose. Along with this we’ll look to give you an intuitive word of encouragement, insight, healing or blessing. If what is given to you resonates or connects to you use this to support yourself through current times

If you don’t want to contact us we will reveal the card words in a few days time so you see what you have chosen.